Gig Industry Software

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For Cloud based software

Gig Industry Software

We focus on customised software for the Gig Economy.

Data all stored in the Cloud

Specialising with small and medium enterprises

Software your way - Agile for faster deployment

We are a company that focus on developing apps for the Gig Economy.

Who We Are

We provide high quality Cloud based systems, supporting those companies struggling to find feature rich Cloud apps at the right price.



The default view with GIS apps is the dashboard, the view of todays tasks first.


Easy to use

GIS develops apps that are easy to use from anywhere in the world, on any device.


Save Time

Login from any device and save time whether in the office or not


Never lose data

GIS removes the need for spreadsheets and Access databases with Cloud storage your data is secure and available from anywhere in the world

Interested in bringing your application to the Cloud? Drop us an email to discuss

new apps for modern businesses

Bespoke Software Services

We offer unlimited solutions to all your business needs, with the creation of software to help run your business.
No matter how large or small.

The Web

GIS uses internet storage to ensure your data is always available, whenever you need it, in secure encrypted Cloud storage.

Bring your ideas to life

GIS will work with you to make your vision for your computing systems a reality.

Pay Per Click

At GIS we are able to implement subscription based billing if that suits your business model, more than flat fee payments.

Dashboard Statics

Our dashboards allow you view and respond to todays events. By only presenting the items that are happening now your actions are focused on your immediate tasks

Smart Phone Ready

All GIS applications are smart phone ready, meaning that you will be able to run your business anywhere, anytime.

Multi-User Systems

With GIS you can add as many users as you like, and they can all use the system at the same time.

Our Awesome Apps

Our Applications

We offer the services right for you to streamline your business and have applications working the way you want.